about my writings

“I’d rather beauty wreck me than / only dream of having it. / And when I wake up remember” Malilenas developed out of notebook I called Numerological Notebook begun in late 2005 about money, love, the war—. Malilenas is a series of 47 numbered poems with various links and doublings played out in a space of shiftingly intimate rhetorical turns. (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009.)

“A prophetic ferocity joins visceral appetite in Garrett Kalleberg’s powerful new collection; spirit and matter couple to spawn a ravishing anxiety, ‘a beautiful disaster.’” Some Mantic Daemons has the honor of being Futurepoem Books’ first book, published in 2002.

“[A] plain, sometimes brutal, but brutally honest poetry,” Psychological Corporations was published by Spuyten Duyvil in 2002. I consider the poems from this book to be the work of my apprenticeship, most of which were written before Limbic Odes.

Limbic Odes constantly tests our expectations of what a poem is and should look and sound like as it travels.” My first book, Limbic Odes, was published by Heart Hammer in 1997. This series of 9 inter-related lyrics posits a tenuous site where mind and body cannot be distinguished.

My CV lists book & journal publications, theatrical productions, and the like.